Zeepio Showreel 2019 (in English)

This year, in addition to beautiful pictures, our Showreel features a handful of comments by our clients. Some of them were said, some are email snippets, some are things our clients had heard about us. But none of them were begged for. They are the real deal.

The reel starts with a bang. Even if it doesn't look like it, the clip is actually from a hilarious parody lovingly lampooning the famous Danish television series, The Bridge. The sketch was created by the multitalented Anna-Maija Ihander for her dazzling theatre show Ebola the Musical. We've had a privilege to work with her before and we are now (June) in the pre-production phase of a music video for her medieval humour music band Räikkä .... Stay tuned! (the previous Räikkä-video was ours, too.)

The following images are the bread and butter of our repertoire: corporate and industrial films. The images are from a series of short clips for Jungheinrich. We toured Finland to interview their customers and created what we call a web video wall; an ensemble of short videos that can be watched one by one or all at once, according to one's interests.

The surgery scene is showcasing a GE Healthcare patient monitor, designed by our client ED Design. They have designed quite a few classic products from Valtra tractors (yes, really) to Oras faucets, from Ensto electric car charging stations to Molok waste management systems.

One of the coolest gigs ever for us has been making films for Finnpilot. We've had a chance to ride fast pilot boats, climb rope ladders to vessels on the open sea, and experience different kinds of ships from tankers to cruisers. Even if we didn't have hours of stunning footage to show for it, those trips would be impossible to forget.

Another dream job has been a series of artist interviews commissioned by Turku Art Museum. We've visited and interviewed several Finnish top contemporary artists that have works in the Turku Art Museum collection. The raw footage has been archived for the future researchers, but we've also created different edits and presentations for the regular museum goers.

Trade shows, fairs and events are classic means of presenting products and services. Nowadays it is possible, if not mandatory, to multiply audiences for these expensive and laborious events by video and social media. For example, our client Durat who make recycled plastic and use it to manufacture design items, invited us to accompany them at the 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Our job started before the actual show with a time lapse movie of the construction process. During the trade show, not only did we document the show, but also edited and published stuff on the spot. The audience back home appreciates being kept up to date.

Events like this can also be created. Durat once again proved their marketing vision as they joined a John Nurminen Foundation -project for saving the Baltic Sea. Someone else might have been content with just that. Durat, however, decided to develop the program further. Together, we ended up with the #meritarinasi -project: Durat attends to many different seafare-related events during the summer, talking to people about saving the Baltic Sea. They challenge people to donate money and share their own stories, memories and favourite things about the sea. We at Zeepio make videos of these stories and they are grouped to a branded campaign site Meritarinasi.fi. We feel that this is exactly what any progressive company should be doing, even if it does require clear values and some extra effort. It is a very efficient way to get around the exhausting flood of meaningless web ads.

We simply love moving image. That is why we also run a site called IKITOMU. It's a video-heavy web magazine that concentrates on arts, culture and sustainable good living. The content is journalistically independent, but it also serves as a great advertising channel and showpiece for our productions. We feel that similar kind of content marketing is what progressive companies should consider, or actually already be producing. That's why we wanted to include a few images from IKITOMU to our showreel: the delicious salmon sandwiches served on a rock somewhere in the Finnish archipelago and the fighter jets over a beach in Palermo, Sicily.

And finally, a beautiful closing scene is from one of the three music videos we've created for Leeko, a wildly talented singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland, the home of Zeepio. Thank you for watching our showreel and please make sure to frequent at zeepio.com and ikitomu.com!

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Zeepio designs, produces and publishes moving image and social media content. The productions can consist of corporate video, advertising film, 360° video presentation or 3D and cut animation, for example. We also run IKITOMU.com, an experimental video-heavy media site / blog hybrid of our own. It tries to find out if it's still possible to have fun, sustainably. For us that means art, responsible means of travel, tasty and eco-friendly food and such. How about creating the future with us? Please contact us, let's talk!

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Zeepio suunnittelee, tuottaa ja julkaisee elävää kuvaa ja some-sisältöjä. Tuotanto voi olla yritysvideo, mainosfilmi, 360° presentaatio tai vaikka 3D- tai leikeanimaatio. Pyöritämme myös IKITOMU.com -nimistä paljolti videoista koostuvaa nettijulkaisua / blogia. Se pyrkii selvittämään, onko ylipäänsä vielä mahdollista pitää hauskaa, kestävästi. Meille se tarkoittaa taidetta, vastuullista matkailua, hyvää ekologista ruokaa, sen sellaista. Mitä jos loisimme tulevaisuutta yhdessä? Ota yhteyttä niin keskustellaan!

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